Supporting Organizations

Camphill Association

The Camphill Assocation serves the common interests of the 13 independently incorporated Camphill communities and affiliates in North America, providing a forum for sharing information, learning, and resources. Key common interests are: encouraging the development of new Camphill communities and recruiting, training, and retaining excellent coworkers. Learn more >

Camphill Foundation

The Camphill Foundation solicits donations from individuals, foundations, and other grantmakers, and sponsors fundraising events, in order to provide emergency grants, loans, and an array of support services to the Camphill communities in North America. It also serves as a vehicle for cooperation, shared resources, and expertise among all the Camphill organizations, often working in concert with the Camphill Association. Learn more >

Resident’s Trust

The Camphill Resident’s Trust is a special legal entity created to allow sponsors, including parents of individuals with disabilities to establish financially secure arrangements to pay for the education, care and support of people with special needs. Learn more >

Camphill Accademy

The Camphill School of Curative Education and Social Therapy provides opportunities to pursue foundation studies and professional certification in Curative Education, Youth Guidance and Social Therapy while living and working in a Camphill community. It also allows its students to work towards BA degrees in related fields by earning college credit for transfer into appropriate BA completion programs. Learn more >