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life experienceEarn a Life Experience Degree at Camphill Academy

A life experience degree earned at Camphill is a fully accredited but non-traditional college education involving a comprehensive curriculum unique to the field of social therapy.  Over the next two years, the present Camp Hill School of Curative Education and Social Therapy will be undergoing a transformation into a fully accredited college program.

Course of studies completed under the new program will lead to BA degrees in holistic approaches to Curative Education and Social Therapy.

What is Curative Education?  Why Social Therapy?

The term “curative education” refers to the support of special needs children, while “social therapy” has to do with dealing with similar support for adults with special needs.

Most Americans are familiar with the term “special education” as it applies to children with cognitive disabilities.  Curative education moves beyond the classroom to care for the whole child, looking to unfold each individual’s own spiritual, physical, and intellectual development.  Each individual follows pathways that best fit their own individual needs.

Social therapy extends this same holistic approach to helping adults in similar situations.  Emphasis is placed on engaging participants in meaningful work and inspiring artistic and cultural activities.  In simplified terms, these therapies help each individual to develop a growing sense of self-worth and abilities by engaging them with the world at large within a loving and caring atmosphere.

Curative Education in the Words of its Developer, Rudolf Steinerlife experience

Whoever wants to educate children with developmental problems and disabilities will never have finished learning. Each single child will be a new problem, a new riddle.  And the only way one can succeed….is to let oneself be guided by being in the child. It is not easy, but is the only real way to work. And this is the reason why….as teachers, we should take in hand our own self-education”

A Practical Testimonial

“The Camphill Academy provides hope for the healing growth of the Camphill movement.  I often receive phone calls from people who want to start a Camphill community in their area.  They have the fire to get started, but many lack grounding in the spiritual impulse behind the work.  This academy will provide this grounding and more…”

- Diedra Heitzman, Camphill Village Kimberton Hills

 A Vision of Camphill Academy and the Future

Recognizing the importance of the work of Curative Education and Social Therapy, Camphill Academy is dedicated to providing a firm foundation to caring people dedicated to loving and assisting the community of those with developmental disabilities.

If you are one who actively cares, why not contact Camphill Academy about earning a BA in Curative Education and Social Therapy while immersed in the environment of the field of study that you most love?

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