Camphill AmeriCorps Program

Oakwood Life-Sharing. being an integral part of the Camphill organization, is currently in the application process with the AmeriCorps organization. We anticipate accepting Oakwood life-sharing volunteers from AmeriCorps in the Spring of 2015.

Camphill Communities of North America is proud to be a part of the diverse portfolio of AmeriCorps programs. We are a member of the Segal Educational Awards Program, which will award $5,645 toward present or future educational loans to any individual completing one year in the program, and a participant can complete two years of this service.

This may be applied to student loans, or to tuition expenses up to 7 years in the future. Student loans are also put into forbearance during your AmeriCorps service. This is a great hands-on opportunity in the fields of social work, education, and psychology/counseling, and, together with the AmeriCorps Education Award, can be a great way to begin paying back student loans!

AmeriCorps members live and work in each community and help children to learn and grow, provide a transition to adulthood for young people with developmental disabilities, ages 18-25, and meaningful work for older adults with disabilities. AmeriCorps members provide an added level of capacity that allows for more robust programming activities for individuals with developmental disabilities. In many communities, participation in Special Olympics and other social and advocacy groups are coordinated by the AmeriCorps members.

What’s more, Camphill has been able to increase its capacity to care for individuals requiring more assistance, such as one-on-one care, and to extend and expand day programs. At Camphill Village, USA in Copake, NY, where nearly 50% of the residents are over the age of 60, members have increased the capacity to care for residents in the community for a longer period of time rather than disrupting their lives and transferring them to nursing homes.

As an AmeriCorps coworker, you will live and work in one of the households in the community. This could include helping with physical care, laundry, room cleaning, and emotional and social support. You would also assist in meal preparation and house cleaning. Along with other members of your household team, you would be responsible to have an overview for the well-being of each person in the house, and actively support their growth and development.

Outside of the house, you’d be involved in helping to support activities such as classroom education, gardening and land work, painting, pottery, woodworking, textiles and weaving, sports, and other activities. Contributing to community festivals, celebrations and other special events is an important part of a coworker’s service as well.

The Camphill Communities of North America are always looking for enthusiastic coworkers to join our AmeriCorps each year. Please be sure to check out our available positions, and Apply Today!ac-banner

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Segal AmeriCorps Education Award